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Here at Compact Solutions we’re the leading providers of quality and efficient safety solutions for your workplace. We work with your company to ensure that you and your employees are kept safe from harm through implementation of safety procedures. With a wealth of experience we’re able to promise reliable solutions to any safety concerns you may have when working with operational machinery.

How We Operate

Once you’ve installed a safety solution in your workplace, you need to ensure it conforms to relevant standards and codes of practice. So we test and analyse the solution, making sure all parts interact properly to perform the safety function without any unexpected occurrences. As an integral step in the risk reduction process, our team performs this task carefully and meticulously, reviewing all processes and maintaining occupational health and safety regulations.

Machine safety is not common sense, no matter how long you’ve been working with the processes, the risk still remains the same. It’s not enough to simply implement a safety plan and leave it at that. Safety programs must be validated by an experienced safety consultant to guarantee that the system functions as it should.

Tried and Tested Solutions

We test our site specific safety plan effectively to New Zealand codes of practice. Our leading team are experts in validation tests that are certain to leave your workplace fitted with a fully functioning response plan that’s tried and tested. When you work with Compact Solution’s your business will be protected from risk, supporting employees and exponentially improving your organisation.

We validate our machine safety systems to ensure that the practices we’ve put in place are guaranteed to keep you and your workers safe. It’s a requirement of New Zealand occupational health and safety standards that safety plans are properly verified and validated according to specific standards. Our team goes above and beyond expectations to guarantee that your business is equipped with a proper machine safety lifestyle following our validation steps.

Meeting Mandatory Requirements

An aspect of being the leading providers of safety solutions to businesses is ensuring that your safety plan meets mandatory regulations. This includes Evaluating your machinery against industry standard safety requirements and specifications according to ASNZS 4024.1501 / 1502 / 1503 – 2006 and 2014 PLr and Category ratings EN ISO 13849.2-2012.

Industry Leading Safety Services

It’s important in any industry to stay up to date with the latest information available to you. In an industry such as health and safety, maintaining knowledge of practice is an ongoing process that our team is constantly undertaking. We never slip on our standards and the solutions we provide are always to an extremely high level of workmanship.

Our Key Resources for Validation

For validation of a safety process you need to achieve a certain amount of processes and have the proper documentation of these verifications. We’re able to supply you with these resources and properly engage a health and safety policy that enforces safety in your workplace.

For every machine you must have the following attributes tested:

  • Basic Safety Principles – this means that every individual who works with or near a particular machine must be equipped with the knowledge to maintain the equipment properly. Understanding is key in the implementation of any safety plan.
  • Expected operating stress – the capacity of the machine must be identified and tests run to check the limits for safe operation. The team at Compact Solutions are highly experienced in the industry so we’re ready to work with a wide range of technology.
  • The impact of relevant external influences – for entire workplace safety, assessments must be considered as part of a bigger picture. We consider the entire business when producing safety plans so our tests will not simply focus on a single piece of machinery, but how the entire site works together and how different factors impact each other.

Components and safety principles must be well-tried to be considered validated. When we perform tests for validation of safety plans we will guarantee that every response that is instated is tried and tested, giving your piece of mind that you can rely on your new plan when you need it most.

Our Process

Thorough Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification

Prior to safety plan installation and validation we offer services to analyse your business for any hazards and calculate the risk that they pose. This is an essential part of our operation as it’s through this practice that we can successfully implement a policy that encompasses the unique risks that may occur in your workplace.

Planning a Safety Procedure

Once we have the information necessary to identify every hazard possible in your workplace we can design a bespoke system that’s able to keep your workers safe. With our experience you can trust you’re getting a leading safety service and your procedure will function the way it’s should.

Testing and Making Changes

As mentioned, your new system will be thoroughly examined and tested to prove it works the way it’s intended in an emergency. From machine guards to safety switches your new procedure can be relied on to function correctly and adhere to all New Zealand occupational health and safety legislations.

Further Work and Education

Safety is never just a one off job. It takes constant acknowledgement and ongoing training to ensure a workplace functions without incident. Before we leave we make sure everyone understands the plan we have instated, if our tests come across any faults in the system these will be rectified and tested again. When you work with us you’re getting the best possible safety solutions on the market.

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Compact Solutions work in New Zealand to provide businesses with the necessary safety procedures around machines. Creating a safe work environment for employees and business owners is our primary goal and we always strive to provide leading services and safety solutions. Contact us to see what we can offer you, you’ll never regret preventing incidents in the workplace.

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