Robotics have come a long way over the last 30 to 40 years, improving quality of Robotics and increasing applications reliably and more cost effective.

We offer integration of Welding Automation, Package and Handling Automation specifically by implementation of using the well proven ABB Robot technology.

There are many advantages to implementing Robotic Automation whether it being welding or package and handling applications;

  • Production:
    Production flows can be stream lined to increase productivity. Repetitive tasks can be eliminated which leads to improvement of Health and Safety in the work place.
  • Quality:
    Consistent welds and weld patterns can be performed repeatedly without any deviation from specifications. Better control over weld distortion due to setup of the Robot providing improved control of the weld bead.
  • Flexibility:
    It is very simple and easy to Teach a Robot to weld which makes it perfect for simple repetitive tasks and for more complex systems that require more change parts. Programs can be stored for later use if a specific product is not required for a time. It is easy to re-instate the setup and continue with production.
  • Health and Safety:
    There are many risks related to welding and Robot welding has proven the reduction of exposure to gasses, arc flashes, shock hazard and more providing a safer work place.
  • Cost:
    Robot welding will improve your efficiency, consistency and reduction in consumable cost which will improve competitive advantages and your ROI.

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