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Targeted Safety Project Management

With any safety project we do, we can help guide you during the process and make sure things are on track and your goals are achieved. Communication breakdowns are the leading cause of incidents in the workplace, which is why when you work with our team we always ensure the lines of communication are open and clear throughout the entire process.

We work with your company to provide a comprehensive safety plan that involves you and your employees from the very beginning. Our method is to incorporate your goals and personal targets with regulations and legal requirements to build a safety system that’s guaranteed to provide your company with the best protection against hazards.

Any person that operates machinery has to be aware of the risks involved when undertaking any task. Hazards in this industry can have huge ramifications on employees, businesses, families and public health.

Bespoke Safety Systems

Here at Compact Solutions, we understand the ins and outs of industrial machine safety. Our safety plans are proven and trusted by some of the largest businesses in New Zealand and we’re able to tailor personalised to suit you.

Protect Workers and Your Business

It’s proven that a safe workplace improves overall employee wellbeing, saving you time and money in ACC costs, worker sick days, employee retention rates and reducing the stress that can come from being exposed to potential hazards. Employees that have effective health and safety protection in place support the wellbeing of workers and this will always result in benefits for organisations overall.

Once you’ve introduced a safety system into your workplace we can help to assist you with measuring it’s success and making sure employees are following new guidelines. This process is called safety project management and our goal during this procedure is to ensure your new safety plan works the way that it should.

Experienced Management of Safety Plan Implementation

From intiation to closing, our solutions will be monitored closely allowing changes and alterations to be made depending on outcomes and feedback. This is a part of the interactive approach we take to safety. We believe occupational health and safety is an ongoing process, so it’s important to continually interact with workers for the safest, risk-free environment possible.

Our Process During Safety Project Management

Safety Project KPIs 
We work with your goals using key performance indicators or KPIs to calculate the progress of certain health and safety goals in general everyday tasks or specific processes. We use KPIs as a method of collecting information and practices, which can indicate whether further changes or improvements need to be made.

Key performance indicators, as well as providing information for events that have occurred, can also provide predictive information of future performance results. By having a quantifiable measure of safety you can truly see the effect of the procedures we’ve put into place and this will simplify the process of safety.

Allowing your company to build a workplace that’s free of risk is our primary goal and KPIs are the best method to shed light on the performance of our plans and how they relate to your goals. When we work with this proactive measure we take into account a number of factors including:

  • Number of audits or inspections performed.
  • Number and types of findings and observations.
  • Training completed.
  • Near miss incidents.
  • Timely preventive maintenance tasks performed.
  • Safety committee meetings.

When we work with KPIs the approach is always tailored specifically to your business. An integral component of our approach and a necessary aspect of safety management is the understanding that every single workplace is unique, with varying hazards plaguing workers.

The KPIs best suited for a particular business depends on factors like your current health and safety status, your goals for health and safety in your workplace, who is responsible for health and safety and how the changes are communicated to workers.

We Get to Know Your Business

To create successful KPIs, health and safety consultants must first understand the safety risks of your operations, study the existing processes that are in place to reduce risk, and understand your company’s workers and culture. Following this, safety consultants will work with you to discuss the goals you have for the safety systems we’ve introduced.

Clear and Effective Advice

We also take our emphasis that we place on communication with you to incorporate the changes we’ve made with health and safety procedure. The only way to ensure your workplace stays safe is to make sure that employees understand safety practices and the steps that they should be taking in their daily work. Our team will introduce new safety plans to your workers clearly and effectively, equipping your people with the necessary means to reduce risk and stay safe.

Protect Your Workers With the Best Solutions

You’ll never regret working with our leading team of safety consultants. Our plans include risk assessment, hazard identification, safety system design and safety validation. Once these tasks have been undertaken by our team, you’ll have peace of mind that your workers are prepared to work safely and hazard free in their positions.

Contact Us for Quality Safety Practices

For leading safety services and project management contact Compact Solutions. We’re the best providers of safety procedures to industrial businesses around New Zealand. Our specific plans, highly experienced team, knowledge of regulation and close monitoring of safety projects are guaranteed to provide your organisation with a working environment that’s safe for workers, the public and you.

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