Once our trusted team of health and safety consultants has completed the first steps in safety analysis of your workplace we can begin engineering a safety management system. Using the information gathered from our hazard identification and risk assessment, paired with the latest codes of practice, we create a tailor-made solution to fit your workplace.

Whether it’s designing new systems or retrofitting, providing a detailed safe design plan is essential for eliminating risks and dangers around your machinery and equipment.

What does this mean for you?

Your business will be protected from risk through the implementation of a specific health and safety policy. The most important part of reducing risk in the workplace is the production of a functional procedure around hazards.

The safety plan in place must be designed to eliminate or reduce your particular risks and supply an emergency response plan in case of risks occuring. We’re highly experienced in designing these safety plans, and our specialised team are ready to provide you with a quality service that you can rely on.

The Best Safety Plans

Our safety plans are created by industry leaders in operational machinery safety. We provide an in-depth allocation of safety measures based on the risk assessment we thoroughly perform. Our safety programs cover all mechanical, electronic and digital software design, so we cover all bases of your business in our process. Along with this, we always select components for our plan from leading safety equipment suppliers. You know when you’re working with Compact Solutions you’re getting the best possible detailed health and safety plan on the market.

Our expertise covers mechanical and electrical process and control environments. We work with a wide range of clients, from large to small businesses to provide safety solutions that fit their needs. Whether your organisation requires a full complete health and safety service or simply a regular update, we’re happy to assist with your needs.

Proven Safety Planning

We’re able to design and provide a health and safety plan for any industry that requires the operation of machinery. With a wealth of experience it’s our goal to provide your business with a system that works, so you can rely on it when you need to.

Machinery can be dangerous to work with and accidents do occur. It’s a legal requirement in New Zealand to ensure you’ve taken responsibility, as a business owner or manager to protect the safety of your employees. We can provide solutions that can be relied on when required.

Through staying up to date with industry requirements, we’re experts in safety regulation and always stick to the newest guidelines and legislation. When working with our team you can guarantee your business is complying with New Zealand’s legal requirements of machine operation.

Further Solutions

Our services go above and beyond traditional health and safety audits. Not only do we create safety plans but we also validate and test they work. This way, you know you can rely on the processes we instate in everyday work and in an emergency, allowing you to manage safe practices in the workplace.

Our process

Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification

In the beginning of our process we’ll analyse your workplace environment and employees to seek out any hazards that exist in your daily operations. When we understand this, we can identify who is at risk and calculate both the chance of a hazard harming an employee and the likelihood of it occuring. This is a crucial step in risk management as it allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the potential hazards to your business and we can then work to eliminate them.

Planning a Safety Procedure

A health and safety plan designed by our team is built for the safety of workers. The safety plan of a your workplace will detail what hazards are present in the environment, how they can be dealt with and which safety equipment is required to deal with the problem.

These plans are always unique, but the biggest focus of every health and safety plan is that it will protect everybody that works, visits or is near the vicinity of your machinery and equipment.

Safety Plan Validation

We take pride in our work so we’re always certain that the changes we implement function correctly before we sign off on them. Due to the nature of the industry we need to be sure our steps are guaranteed to protect employees. Certainty and consistency are qualities of safety that are mandatory in the safety industry.

Making Changes

Incorporating our site specific safety plan will guarantee your business adheres to health and safety regulations of New Zealand. Compact Solutions aim to always leave a business with a renewed safety culture, employees that understand the dangers of the machines they work with and their own responsibilities in the workplace.

Certified Health and Safety Solutions

Our leading safety management relys on our up to date knowledge of health and safety legislation in New Zealand. Compact Solution’s safety plans are based on the codes of practice:

  • ASNZS 4024.1-2014
  • AS60204-1
  • AS61508-2005
  • AS62061-2006
  • EN ISO 13849.1-2008

Trusted solutions to hazard control come from our superior experience in the safety industry and the skills necessary to incorporate these changes.

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