Our Comprehensive Risk Assessment Services

Risk assessment is the process of measuring hazards in the workplace and providing solutions to solve these issues. Creating a safe work environment is essential in any industry and our services are able to help you meet law requirements and go above and beyond in managing risk to keep you and your employees safe.

Our team at Compact Solutions are experienced providers of risk management to businesses around New Zealand. We’re experts in health and safety related to equipment operable by operators, so you can rely on us to undertake comprehensive identification of hazards and advice for the best practices to follow.

We comply with occupational health and safety regulations, based on Machine Safety Standards, allowing you to protect your workers in your business environment. It’s important to ensure your workplace has functioning methods of hazard control in place to reduce the possibility of accidents occurring. Our safety consultants calculate operational risks and provide tips to help you reduce the chance of these causing harm.

Why You Need to Perform a Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are required by law, but most importantly they protect workers and businesses in case of any undesirable incidents occurring. Often times employees will work in situations where there is potential for harm to occur. This needs to be identified by a business and procedures must be put in place to reduce the chance of an accident happening. The Compact Solutions team are well equipped to assist you in targeting potential areas of risk and providing you with expert advice to implement safe procedures as well as upgrading equipment to comply with requirements as set out in the machine safety standards.

The Best Risk Evaluation Company

As industry leaders in Machine Safety we’re able to assess, create and implement risk management in your workplace. Our understanding of risk assessment goes further than legislation because we truly strive to provide the safest environment possible. With advice from a Compact Solutions team member you know you’re providing your employees with the best care on the market.

We Know What Hazards Can Occur

Hazards can occur in all work places; whether you’re dealing with kitchen safety in a restaurant, or heavy machinery and electrical risks in an industrial environment. Our people are ready to help you minimise risks in your organisation. We’re able to identify risks, rank them in terms of harmfulness or possibility of occurring and provide methods to remove opportunities for accidents to occur. Risk evaluation arms your business with the essential ability to maintain safety in the workplace, and we’re here to supply this peace of mind.

Compact Solutions Guide to Risk Management

Our operational risk calculation works through various steps that conclude in a certified safety plan in your workplace. In the beginning we will determine machine limits allowing us to identify hazards, assess the possible risk, evaluate the chance and severity of risks and implement a safety validation technique that tests the success of the procedure we’ve introduced. If for any reason the machinery is not completely free from risk factors we also offer education around possible hazards, gearing your employees with the necessary skills to operate machines safely.

Our Methods

Identify occupational risks

We understand that you and your employees know the everyday “ins and outs” of your business better than anyone else. So we always strive to work together with organisations to offer the best solutions to suit your workplace. Through this procedure, together we’re able to identify hazards (the event that can possibly result in harm) and evaluate the risk (the chance of the harmful event occurring).

Identifying who is at Risk

It’s important when creating a health and safety procedure that those who are at risk are noted. Whether it’s those who are working closely with equipment, or even the public, our team are able to identify who in particular is at risk to a potential hazard. This is an essential part of handling risk management because it provides information about who needs to be protected in your safety solution.

Gauging Potential Risks and Supplying a Safety Procedure

Once the risks have been identified our team are able to analyse the hazard and estimate the likelihood of it occurring. Following the identification of those at risk, we help you put procedures in place to either; completely remove the hazard or minimise the chance of an accident happening.

Record Hazards

Creating a written record of the risk assessment is a legal requirement in New Zealand. Through this you are able to show you have identified the possible risks in your workplace and created protocol to reduce the chance of harm occurring.

Safety Validation

Once we’ve introduced a safety plan, our team follows various steps to test and analyze our solution. This way we know the procedure we’ve implemented works the way it’s supposed to. This is the only way to guarantee your solution works the way it should in an incident.

Make Changes to Risk Assessment as Required

Businesses are constantly changing, we introduce new employees or upgrade equipment regularly in any industry. That’s why it’s important to keep your health and safety procedures up to date, continuous monitoring of your workplace risks is the only effective method of keeping your organisation running safely.

Trusted Safety Procedure Implementation

Our process is a guaranteed means of mitigating risk in your workplace and complying with the Health and Safety Regulation of 2014 as well as the Machine Safety standard of 2014 We also incorporate and implement the European Machine Safety Directives where customers have international partneships. It’s a priceless tool to perform a safety audit in your workplace, serious risks can be easily removed with the help of an experienced team. Compact Solutions has been leading the health and safety industry with unrivalled knowledge and skill in operational risk reduction and we’re more than happy to work with your business to provide tailored solutions.

The Benefits of Our Services

Creating a health and safety procedure will benefit your business exponentially. Not only will everyone be kept safe but it will also increase productivity, encourage worker engagement, reduce ACC costs and lower the amount of sick days employees may take due to work related incidents. Investing in a plan to maintain high standards throughout your organisation is the only way to truly ensure the best possible safety practices. It’s often difficult at times to identify hazards in an environment that’s familiar to you. Imploring the help of fresh, experienced eyes will certify your workplace functions devoid of risk.

What to Expect From us

When you work with our safety consultants we promise to identify risk, supply solutions and offer ongoing support and coaching. Through our solutions you’ll be able to keep safety administration under control and continuously improve your safety performance. Safety should always be prioritised in your organisation, as a responsible business owner it’s your duty to protect your employees and the public, failure to do so can result in serious injury and even death.

Our services are particularly focused around electrical and mechanical process and control environments, so we’re highly capable to work in a wide range of industries. Thorough risk assessment is the key to effective and economical safety hazard reduction. We provide objective assessments and evaluations based on the requirements as set out in ASNZS4024.1201-2014 as well as EN ISO 12100-2010 of all safety risks related to machinery operation in your workplace. Once we identify and evaluate all potential safety risks, we can pave the way for new design or at least retrofit solutions to existing equipment.

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