Our Reliable Hazard Identification Services

Hazards aren’t always a surface-level thing and some cannot be identified with a simple inspection. Hazard identification involves analysing the different activities around machine operation and gaining an understanding of your processes, which allow us to consider every single risk factor.

Here at Compact Solutions we take this task very seriously. Our experienced team is prepared to thoroughly investigate all aspects of your machinery to ensure all potential hazards are identified. Through our care you can be sure that your work place is a safe environment for your employees to practice in.

Hazard identification is the first step in risk assessment. A hazard is a source of potential harm to people working around certain equipment. Once we’re able to pinpoint a hazard, we evaluate the possible risk that can come from it and put in place a plan to reduce the chance of harm occurring.

Our Approach to Hazard Identification

The aim of hazard identification is to primarily reduce the chance of accidents or injury taking place in the work place. When hazards are identified it allows steps to be taken to eliminate risk and improve safety in a workplace. We’re able to assist your company with this, bringing peace of mind to you and your workers that they’ll be protected from harm while undertaking any job.

Our goal when working with your company is to create a safe working environment by complying with the Health and Safety Regulation of 2014 as well as the Machine Safety standard of 2014. As industry leaders we’re able to successfully evaluate your equipment and workspace under strict regulations. We go above and beyond expectations in our assessment of hazards, satisfying industry requirements and your own.

Identifying hazards alone isn’t enough to create a safe working environment. We’re experts in assisting your company with implementing the necessary training and steps to eliminate these hazards or control the potential risk they pose. When you work with us you know you’re getting the best possible health and safety solutions in your business.

Personalised Approach to Industry Health and Safety

Don’t follow a generic template when attempting to identify hazards in the workplace. Your and your employees are too important to not create a tailored response to occupational health and safety.

Our team understands that every single workspace is unique, with different machinery and different workers operating them. That’s why with every job we undertake; we look at with a new perspective. We also offer a range of services, all geared towards the goal of instating better health and safety in workplaces.

What We Do

Our specialties are in industrial safety, covering a wide range of areas in analysis from electrical and mechanical. Our skilled people at Compact Solutions understand how to identify hazards in a work environment and we’re prepared to pass on this knowledge to you. We believe that occupational health and safety is an ongoing practice, which is why through our risk assessment process we place a heavy emphasis on educating employees about safety around your machinery.

What you can expect from us

Identifying hazard allows your company to create a health and safety procedure that will continue providing benefits to your business. Your employees will be able to work safely and confidently knowing they’re protected by the steps you’ve put in place. This will increase productivity, reduce ACC costs and generally boost workplace morale.

Leaders in Health and Safety Practice

Investing in health and safety is a foolproof way to protect your business. When you employ the services of our team you can trust you’re getting a comprehensive hazard identification service on your machines that’s based on the requirements as set out in ASNZS4024.1201-2014 as well as EN ISO 12100-2010.

Occupational hazards can come from various sources. For example any substance, material, process, practice that has the ability to cause harm or adverse health effect to a person. Hazards can be many different factors, from bodily injury to exposure to disease causing substances. When dealing with machinery, generally the hazards we assess are those that can cause harm to workers physically. This is an extremely important aspect of this industry as incidents involving machines can cause very serious injuries and even death.

As industry leaders we understand the importance of identifying all hazards in a workplace that contains any type of machine. Our experience allows us to effectively locate sources of hazards and following this perform health and safety services, specially bespoke to your business needs.

Full Risk Assessment Guidance

We’re able to offer a full risk assessment service that will create a work environment that meets law requirements, industry expectations and personal preferences. Regardless of the severity of the hazard, you can trust our team will identify, reduce and eliminate the chance of harm. Safety should always be a priority in your organisation, especially when working with heavy machinery or electrical equipment. Imploring our services will supply you with all you need to create a safe working environment.

The Best Hazard Solutions

We encourage high standards in safety in the workplace, so we’re happy to work with whatever requirements you may have. Our team is always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding safety and we work closely with employees to understand the everyday functioning of a workplace.

Our Specialties

When you work with Compact Solutions you can be sure you’re getting industry leading advice and skill to identify all possible hazards in your workplace. Our safety steps allow us to systematically identify all foreseeable risks and hazardous situations. The areas we cover in our analysis are:

  • Electrical
  • Environment and surrounding area
  • Ergonomics
  • Material substance
  • Mechanical
  • Noise
  • Radiation
  • Thermal
  • Vibration

Following Hazard or risk identification we implement a five-step policy suited to protect your workers from harm and incident. Following the assessment we assess functional safety requirements, design a safety system, install this system, test, validate and implement procedural requirements on operational machinery and finally provide further maintenance and improvements on the steps as required. This method will ensure your business is equipped with industry leading occupational health and safety arrangements.

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