About Compact Solutions Limited

Since 2003, Compact Solutions have been specialists in industrial safety.

Our expertise chiefly lies in electrical and mechanical process and control environments. With unrivalled experience, we assess, design and implement the safety solutions you need in your workplace.

For us, it’s not enough to simply meet legislation; we go beyond in an effort to create the safest working environments possible.

Our Founders and Chiefs,  Roelof Lategan & Jim Erlank bring a strong combination of technical expertise and management experience to our team.

Roelof & Jim are both experts, and experienced in the following;

• AGVs
• Conveyor systems
• FMCG industry
• General factory systems and processes
• Hydraulic systems
• Hygiene areas
• Injection moulding machines
• Operator interface modules
• Packaging halls
• Paper plants and processes
• Pneumatic systems
• Press systems
• Robot palletizing systems
• Robotic label applications
• Robotic stacking and loading
• Robotic water jet cutting equipment
• Robotic welding machinery
• Stretch wrappers



Roelof Lategan:

Roelof qualified as Electrician in 1996 and started his career in the Automotive industry as Maintenance Electrician and Automation Technician.

He worked for ABB Robotics for a number of years where he had to implement and integrate various Robotic applications ranging from label application to stacking, packing, painting and welding applications.

When he immigrated to New Zealand in 2006 he took the position of Electrical Manager for a leading Packaging and Handling OEM in New Zealand where he was responsible for the design and implementation of the electrical and automation requirements of the systems and the management of the 20 to 25 team members.

Roelof Started Compact Solutions in 2013 as Electrical Inspector and TUV Certified Machine Safety Expert and focused on Machine safety requirements along with system integration with regards to automation requirements. Roelof is hands-on in the company and assists with project installations along with sales of the company.


James-Morgan Erlank:

More commonly know as Jim, he is a shareholder in the company and qualified in 1998 as Electrician.

Jim started his career on the minefields in South Africa and spent most of his time as Maintenance Electrician servicing the mining industry for most of the time until immigrating to New Zealand in 2006. He then worked for a company installing and integrating Robotic Palletising systems in various environments in New Zealand as well as Australia and the d USA.

Jim joined Compact Solutions in 2015 and the main responsibilities are to ensure that designs are completed and installations are implemented on time, using key people from our team or outsourcing basic labor requirements and duties which he will manage ensuring Health and Safety requirements are followed.

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